About us

From 1 September 2016, activity relating to the Key Correspondents Programme is on hold for the foreseeable future whilst ongoing options for the programme are considered. This website will be updated once further information is available.

Key Correspondents is a network of citizen journalists around the world writing on HIV, health and human rights. We help get the voices of those most affected into global debates.

Our correspondents report to influence HIV and broader health policy, programming and financing. They come from diverse backgrounds including representatives from marginalised groups most at risk of HIV and people living with HIV, and report the stories that matter to them.

The network is supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, which provides mentoring, training and opportunities for correspondents to be more widely heard.

Why be a Key Correspondent?

Do you have something to say about HIV issues? Are things happening in your community that the world needs to know about? If so, the Key Correspondents network would like to hear from you.

Being a correspondent enables you to profile your work on an international platform and exchange ideas with advocates, health professionals, academics, policy makers, opinion formers, journalists and editors.

As part of our community you’ll receive news about training opportunities to build your skills in news journalism, analysis, social media, photography and video. Our previous training partners include international media organisations PANOS and Internews.

To build your citizen journalism and community action skills further you’ll receive distance mentoring on the work you produce and be kept informed about scholarships and competitions. There will also be opportunities to participate in international conferences and advocacy projects.

How to become a Key Correspondent

The Key Correspondents team welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and in particular encourages applications from representatives of groups most at risk of HIV and from people living with HIV – all you need is an enthusiasm to document HIV in your community in order to affect change.

New applications for membership of the network are reviewed annually on 1 March.

You can apply at any time by simply filling out our online application form. Your details will be kept on file until March, when we will get back to you.

Key Correspondents and community action

A number of multi-country programmes run by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance incorporate the work of Key Correspondents as a way to advocate for political and social change. The latest programmes are shown in our advocacy section.

Corresponsales Clave

Key Correspondents also operate in South and Central America. Find out more and read the latest articles in Spanish or visit the Corresponsales Clave website.