Parental advice can fill gap in HIV response

At the age of 27 Tatenda* is a successful business entrepreneur, but he regrets the fact he never got to discuss sex and sexuality issues with his parents when growing up. ...
April 17, 2015

Progress and missed opportunities at World Health Congress

As a medical professional attending the World Congress on Publich Health, I was keen to see how current priorities would be addressed, but the clear lack of community dialogue was disappointing. more
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Thousands of students reached with life-saving HIV information

TemariNet, a higher education project, is tackling HIV and unintended pregnancy in universities and colleges across Ethiopia. more
April 15, 2015 Filed under HIV, children and young people 0 Comments

Aine’s story: addressing stigma and ignorance about HIV

Lack of information about HIV almost cost Aine and his wife their lives. Now he has set up a support group to ensure others don’t face the stigma he did when first diagnosed. more
April 13, 2015 0 Comments