Peers help young woman counter HIV stigma in Malawi

At one time, Masida Mhone, a young woman living with HIV in Malawi, couldn’t bear the stigma she faced from her peers and community. Today she has a much more hopeful story. ...
October 8, 2015

How will the world be held accountable for achieving its new goals?

Representatives from non-governmental organisations discuss accountability for achieving the new global goals for development. more
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Young sexual minorities face increased HIV risk at university

In South Africa, young men who have sex with men are increasingly exploring their sexuality at university, without always understanding the HIV and other health risks they are taking. more
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My dreams when I was growing up with HIV

My story is an amazing story of growing with HIV and I want to encourage a generation of people born with HIV to speak up, share their experiences and know that they are not alone. more
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