Uganda: Eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV

In Uganda, eliminating the transmission of HIV from mother to newborn child is no longer a dream but a possibility. Yet it remains one of the country’s greatest challenges. ...
August 28, 2015

Communities and families neglected in HIV programmes

In Zimbabwe, many orphans living with HIV are cared for by extended families, particularly grandparents, yet very little of HIV programme funding goes direct to these carers. more
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Don’t give up hope: Amina’s story

Amina Abdullahi contemplated suicide after discovering she was both pregnant and living with HIV, but after giving birth she feels differently and urges others not to give up hope. more
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Towards a sustainable future: creating room for youths

A new global plan for sustainable development will take centre stage at this year’s United Nation’s General Assembly, but the role that young people will play is still unclear. more
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