Young people must ‘rise up and be counted’ in HIV response

A Zambian government minister is raising awareness of the urgent need to include young people living with HIV in the response to the epidemic. ...
December 17, 2014

Condom rebrand vital to curb new HIV infections among Malawi’s youth

Condoms have become increasingly unpopular among young people in Malawi, contributing to high HIV transmission rates. more
December 15, 2014 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 0 Comments

Adolescents born with HIV must be told their status

Petronella Sampa Nsomfwa was born with HIV, but wasn’t told of her status by her parents before they died. On the launch of a new report she calls on families to be open with their adolescent children about their HIV status. more
December 12, 2014 Filed under HIV, children and young people 1 Comments

Young Zimbabwean spreads the word on living positively

Life for Kelvin Makura has been a tale of two challenges to which he has adapted in a positive way: living with both HIV and a physical disability resulting from stunted growth. more
December 11, 2014 Filed under HIV, children and young people 0 Comments