How I overcame low self-esteem to help young people living with HIV

When I was invited to become an HIV peer counsellor for a youth organisation, I was nervous because I had developed a skin condition, and I'd lost confidence in my appearance. ...
November 25, 2015

Charlie Sheen tackles HIV stigma but perpetuates stigma against sex workers

I applaud Charlie Sheen’s public announcement of his HIV positive status on national television, but it also saddened me. more
November 20, 2015 Filed under HIV and human rights 1 Comments

Men in rural Zimbabwe embrace circumcision

When 33-year-old Zimbabwean Michael Mheredzi heard about a fun day coming to his town, where he could also have the opportunity to be circumcised, he was intrigued. more
November 20, 2015 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 1 Comments

Malawi government plays double standards on same-sex relations

More than one third of the world’s countries still consider same-sex sexual activity illegal, among them Malawi, whose government is giving mixed messages about the rights of homosexuals. more
November 18, 2015 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments