Benjamin’s story: breaking the silence on being born with HIV

Thanks to Benjamin, who was born with HIV, his mother and father have learned to live positively. Benjamin now has a new baby sister who was born free of HIV. ...
April 14, 2014

Malawi: Village chiefs unknowingly sleep with sex workers

Some chiefs in Rumphi district in northern Malawi risk contracting HIV because they unknowingly sleep with hired sex workers during chief installation ceremonies. more
April 18, 2014 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 0 Comments

No hope for HIV prevention for Indonesian sex workers

Keeping watch for policemen is a typical day for Dewi, now 29, a sex worker in Bekasi, an industrial area east of Jakarta in Indonesia. more
April 17, 2014 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments

A tale of two women dealing with HIV and self-stigma

Programmes to address HIV-related stigma usually focus on changing negative perceptions in the community, but some people living with HIV struggle with self-stigma. more
April 16, 2014 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments