Young people demand their sexual and reproductive health rights

The first time Alfred went to an HIV voluntary testing center, the healthcare provider did not treat him well. As a gay man, his story is not so rare. ...
July 30, 2014

Beyond AIDS 2014: hoping for a revolution

I’m just back from AIDS 2014 in Melbourne, Australia and hoping it won’t be another conference relegated to the past, but a building block for forward momentum. more
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Financing trends and making smarter investments in the HIV response

During a high-level political session at the 20th International AIDS Conference, UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibé called for a new set of treatment targets by 2030. more
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World Hepatitis Day: Malawi fails to act on public health threat

Hepatitis is a global public health problem affecting millions of people every year, yet Malawi shows no sign of safeguarding its citizen from its devastating health consequences. more
July 28, 2014 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 1 Comments