Zimbabwe government to scale up anti-retroviral therapy services

Wallace Mawire reports from Zimbabwe on the Ministry of Health and Child Care's plans to scale up anti-retroviral therapy services by the end of 2014, amid concerns over the current huge deficit. ...
September 15, 2014

African youth demand own goals in 2015 development framework

Young Africans are leading the call for stand-alone goals for young people in the post 2015 development agenda, which will be discussed at the UN General Assembly this month. more
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Criminalising HIV will stop people knowing their status

Criminalising HIV transmission will not help halt the spread of HIV – instead it will stop people from getting tested and increase the risk of further transmissions. more
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Uganda: taxi drivers and fisher folk show little appetite for condom use

Taxi drivers, fisher folk, young people out of school and sex workers are among the most at risk of HIV and Mildmay Uganda is tackling the issue with a three-year project. more
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