Uganda: Eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV

In Uganda, eliminating the transmission of HIV from mother to newborn child is no longer a dream but a possibility. Yet it remains one of the country’s greatest challenges. ...
August 28, 2015

Malawian song fuels HIV stigma

A recently released Malawian song mocking people living with HIV shows the extent to which some people can go to achieve fame, money and power. more
September 2, 2015 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 0 Comments

Young people lead on HIV response in Burundi

Around the world many young people remain unaware of their HIV status, which is the second biggest cause of adolescent deaths. But in Burundi, young people are leading the way to address this issue. more
September 1, 2015 Filed under HIV, children and young people 0 Comments

Communities and families neglected in HIV programmes

In Zimbabwe, many orphans living with HIV are cared for by extended families, particularly grandparents, yet very little of HIV programme funding goes direct to these carers. more
August 26, 2015 Filed under HIV and care 0 Comments