Civil society to step up action on HIV treatment

Although the cost of HIV treatment has significantly declined over the last decade, access to comprehensive HIV services remains low especially in Africa. Civil society must step up its game to change this. ...
March 4, 2015

Born with HIV, grappling with adolescence

Due to the success of antiretroviral programmes in Malawi, many more children born with HIV are not only reaching, but also thriving in adolescence. more
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HIV stigma drives sex work in Northern Kenya

When Zeinab left her home village in Northern Kenya to look for a job, she had one thing in mind; work hard to help her struggling family. But her plans were destroyed by something that would keep her from home for the rest of her life. more
February 27, 2015 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments

African American history month: from civil rights to HIV

Every year, February is dedicated to African American history but this year I want to use the opportunity to address a modern equality issue that African Americans must fight for: equal access to HIV services. more
February 26, 2015 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments