Zimbabwean government takes action against increasing rape

With the number of rape cases increasing in Zimbabwe, the government has launched a national campaign to tackle the issue, which is causing great trauma and new HIV infections. ...
August 20, 2014

People who use drugs left behind by global funding gap

The fight to defeat HIV among those most at risk of infection may not be achieved as soon as hoped unless harm reduction services for people who use drugs receive appropriate funding. more
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Kenya needs to step up game with 500 days to MDG deadline

Too many mothers in Kenya are still dying in childbirth with just 500 days to go to the Millennium Development Goal of reducing deaths to 147 per 100,000 live births. more
August 18, 2014 Filed under HIV and the post 2015 development agenda 0 Comments

Ugandan sex workers demand female condoms

Although female condoms have been shunned since being introduced in Uganda in the 1990s, sex workers say they need them because their clients refuse to use male condoms. more
August 15, 2014 Filed under HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights 0 Comments