World AIDS Day: Malawi's same-sex laws hinder prisoners’ access to HIV services

The Malawi government is failing to protect the sexual health of inmates, by not allowing condoms to be distributed in prisons. ...
December 1, 2015

Kenyan professor receives prestigious award for HIV research in Africa

Kenyan Professor Elizabeth Bukusi has received a prestigous award for significant contributions to the science and development of biomedical HIV interventions in Africa. more
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Peer counseling vital to young people living with HIV

For young people living with HIV, adolescence can be extra challenging, because the universal hurdles of growing up are aggravated by the physical, social, and emotional toll of living with the disease. more
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How Ethiopia will end mother to child transmission of HIV

Ethiopia is finalising a five year strategic plan which aims to reduce new HIV infections passed from mothers to their children to between two per cent and zero. more
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