HIV and human rights

Human rights violations against women, sexual minorities and those on the margins of society such as people who use drugs increases their vulnerability to HIV. Violations can take the form of everyday stigma and discrimination as well as  the aggressive actions of police or others in authority.

Many Key Correspondents advocate for the rights of women, sex workers, sexual minorities, people who use drugs and people living with HIV. They report the human reality of rights violations as a way to bring governments to account and advocate for fairer systems that enable all members of society to stay healthy and well.

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Nigerian laws give conflicting message on HIV and homophobia

In Nigeria since the introduction of an anti-homosexuality law in 2014 which criminalises LGBT people, increasing homophobia has been having a negative impact on the HIV response. more
May 17, 2016 1 Comments

A dangerous life if you’re gay: Malawi’s homophobic legislation

Failure by the government to come up with a clear-cut stance on homosexuality is endangering the lives of gays in Malawi. more
May 16, 2016 0 Comments

Homophobia in Zimbabwe prevents access to HIV services

Mandla is a bright young man who knows his right to access HIV services, but homophobic attitudes in his community prevented him going to a health clinic for a long time. more
May 13, 2016 1 Comments

Malawian gays face homophobia at public health facilities

It’s a cold April morning, yet tension in the room full of advocates for the rights of sexual minority groups, makes it feel like a hot summer afternoon. more
May 5, 2016 1 Comments

Burundi: new tool promotes human rights of people most at risk of HIV infection

A human right is a freedom of some kind – for example to choose how you live or express yourself – but many people, particularly in Burundi, do not know or understand their rights. more
April 28, 2016 0 Comments

Double-edged stigma for people with mental illness and HIV

People with mental illnesses who are also living with HIV face the worst kind of stigma within Kenyan society, experts have warned. more
March 14, 2016 0 Comments

Watch Nicole’s story: why sex work must be decriminalised

On International Women’s Day (8 March), leaders around the world are taking pledges on issues of gender equality; HIV and sex work are issues on which they must take action. more
March 8, 2016 0 Comments

Nigerian government must scale up fight against HIV

In Nigeria efforts to combat the virus have had limited success, and new infections are recorded daily especially among more at risk groups such as young people and men who have sex with men. more
February 23, 2016 0 Comments