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More research needed on contraceptives failing women with HIV

Health workers in the southwestern district of Insigiro, Uganda are calling for more research to study why contraceptive implants failed to be effective on women taking antiretroviral drugs. more
May 3, 2016 Filed under HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights 0 Comments

Burundi: new tool promotes human rights of people most at risk of HIV infection

A human right is a freedom of some kind – for example to choose how you live or express yourself – but many people, particularly in Burundi, do not know or understand their rights. more
April 28, 2016 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments

Disabled cry for inclusion towards ending HIV epidemic

While significant scientific and social research has looked into the causes and effects of HIV on the global population, little attention has been given to the effects and risks of AIDS-related illness on people with disabilities. more
April 22, 2016 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 0 Comments

HIV priority for Kenya at United Nations summit on drugs

As world leaders meet in New York this week to discuss drugs, Kenya is proposing innovative approaches to tackling the drug problem as a way of managing the HIV epidemic. more
April 19, 2016 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 1 Comments

UNGASS 2016: hope for human rights and drug policy reform

At the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs (UNGASS) this week, two very different approaches to the ‘world drug problem’ will have to be thrashed out by UN member states. more
April 18, 2016 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 1 Comments

Kenya’s new policy on domestic financing of HIV research

In Kenya an ambitious new target to increase national funding of HIV research sees the government expecting to raise about USD109 million from local sources over the next five years. more
April 11, 2016 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 0 Comments

New project improves dignity of people with HIV in South Africa

Strengthening referral systems and ensuring effective HIV and TB care and support is at the heart of a new project in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. more
March 18, 2016 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 1 Comments

Uganda risks losing Global Fund grants

Uganda may miss out on the 2016 Global Fund grants, due to its failure to spend past funds and deliver the programmes for which the money was intended. more
February 25, 2016 Filed under HIV and the key players 0 Comments