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Government urges Zimbabweans to know their status

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care has launched a new HIV testing and counselling campaign, amid concerns that the current uptake of these services is too low. more
November 27, 2014 0 Comments

Campaign seeks 1 million men to end gender based violence

Today, as around the world 16 days of activism against gender based violence begins, many Kenyans are asking if the campaign is likely to help eliminate this issue that contributes highly to new HIV infections. more
November 25, 2014 Filed under HIV and human rights 0 Comments

Cervical cancer causes preventable deaths in women living with HIV

Cervical cancer is preventable with proper screening, yet it is the leading cause of cancer-related death in women across sub-Saharan Africa, and those living with HIV are more at risk. more
November 14, 2014 Filed under HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights 0 Comments

Ice hockey strategy needed to tackle TB-diabetes co-infection

Health experts have called for international action against a looming co-epidemic of diabetes and tuberculosis, in a new report published on 29 October. more
November 5, 2014 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 1 Comments

Poor roads disrupt HIV patients’ access to treatment in Uganda

Poor roads in Uganda, especially at landing sites at Kigugo Island, are making it difficult for HIV positive patients to access treatment at St Francis Hospital in Nkokonjeru. more
October 31, 2014 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 1 Comments

Ugandan activists fear ‘nonsensical’ HIV law increases infection of children

HIV activists fear Uganda’s HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act is having the opposite effect and causing people to shy away from seeking treatment. more
October 23, 2014 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 1 Comments

Uganda fails to keep up with demand for HIV drugs

Despite a remarkable increase in access to HIV treatment over the last decade, the number of people in need of antiretroviral drugs in Uganda continues to outpace the response. more
October 20, 2014 Filed under HIV prevention and treatment 0 Comments

Fear causes media to self-censor on sexual minorities in Africa

What is it about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people that ties broadcasters’ tongues? more
October 14, 2014 Filed under HIV and wider development issues 1 Comments