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Zambia: 23 babies born with HIV daily says UNAIDS

UNAIDS’ Zambia country director says that despite good progress made in responding to HIV in the last ten years, Zambia is ranked tenth globally for the highest number of people living with HIV. more
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Uganda’s vulnerable children have brighter future thanks to SUNRISE

Uganda’s SUNRISE project, managed by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, has helped more than 374,000 orphans and vulnerable children over the last five years. more
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Global Fund approves $17 million for new HIV programmes in Africa

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has granted around US$17 million to two consortia of organisations focussing on key populations most affected by HIV, to combat the disease across eastern and southern Africa. more
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Adolescents on HIV: our time to be heard

Our Time To Be Heard is a collection of stories published by Key Correspondents highlighting the current challenges that young people are facing in the context of the HIV epidemic. more
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Microbicides: new HIV prevention technology empowers women

The International Partnership for Microbicides has developed a vaginal microbicide ring to help women protect themselves against HIV infection. more
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Ugandan government warns against complacency in HIV response

Despite a massive HIV response in Uganda, 380 people still get infected with HIV every single day. more
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Malawi inmates living with HIV appeal for supplementary food

Malawian inmates living with HIV have sounded an emergency call for help, requesting authorities to supply fortified foods to improve the health of inmates living with the disease. more
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Malawi mayor: personal responsibility key to HIV fight

Measures to reduce the spread of HIV are bearing fruits in Malawi, but failure by some people in top positions to participate is also impeding progress, says the Mayor for Blantyre City Council. more
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