HIV prevention and treatment

HIV remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

From condom access to community sensitisation, Key Correspondents document the reality of HIV prevention and treatment in their communities. Key Correspondents will also report stories such as why HIV testing and prevention initiatives are working or failing and whether people in their community are able to access HIV counselling, testing and treatment.

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Where do prayers and food stand in HIV treatment?

Although prayers may have their place, Charles Pensulo explores different opinions to the role of religious leaders when it comes to treating HIV. more
February 12, 2015 4 Comments

Zimbabwe launches new plan for voluntary male circumcision

Zimbabwe has launched a voluntary medical male circumcision accelerated operational plan as part of a bigger process to fight HIV and AIDS in the country over the next four years. more
February 3, 2015 0 Comments

Condom advert – HIV prevention or infidelity promotion?

Kenyan religious leaders are outraged by a condom advert, while HIV activists are astonished at the ‘denial of reality’. more
January 27, 2015 2 Comments

Who’s to blame for misuse of HIV drugs in Kenya?

Reports of sex workers misusing HIV drugs have left activists wondering if the government invested enough in HIV education before purchasing medicine, worth 4 billion Kenyan shilling. more
January 5, 2015 0 Comments

Condom rebrand vital to curb new HIV infections among Malawi’s youth

Condoms have become increasingly unpopular among young people in Malawi, contributing to high HIV transmission rates. more
December 15, 2014 0 Comments

Hope for the co-infected with HIV and killer parasitic disease

The search for new treatment for patients co-infected with HIV and kala-azar is in its early stages, but researchers are certain a drug to treat the condition could be found in 2015. more
December 5, 2014 0 Comments

Why we should all get tested for HIV in 2014

Two days after World AIDS Day (1 December), I’m sure many people will have put the issue of HIV out of their mind, but it’s not an issue we can afford to think about just once a year. more
December 3, 2014 0 Comments

Lesbians: the forgotten sexual minority in the HIV response

In Kenya, lesbians, are marginalised and often lack access to sexual health and HIV services. When Brenda was raped to ‘cure’ her of being lesbian, she was left with HIV which she passed on to her female partner. more
December 2, 2014 0 Comments