HIV prevention and treatment

HIV remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

From condom access to community sensitisation, Key Correspondents document the reality of HIV prevention and treatment in their communities. Key Correspondents will also report stories such as why HIV testing and prevention initiatives are working or failing and whether people in their community are able to access HIV counselling, testing and treatment.

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Misuse of antiretrovirals poses threat to HIV success story

In Kenya, misuse of life-saving antiretroviral drugs may be undermining the world’s greatest achievement to date in response to HIV. more
August 10, 2015 0 Comments

Zambia: 23 babies born with HIV daily says UNAIDS

UNAIDS’ Zambia country director says that despite good progress made in responding to HIV in the last ten years, Zambia is ranked tenth globally for the highest number of people living with HIV. more
July 30, 2015 0 Comments

Ugandan government warns against complacency in HIV response

Despite a massive HIV response in Uganda, 380 people still get infected with HIV every single day. more
June 17, 2015 1 Comments

Malawi mayor: personal responsibility key to HIV fight

Measures to reduce the spread of HIV are bearing fruits in Malawi, but failure by some people in top positions to participate is also impeding progress, says the Mayor for Blantyre City Council. more
June 11, 2015 0 Comments

Fishing communities in Uganda at high risk of HIV

Condoms are supplied free in many places around the world, but a limited supply at fishing sites in Uganda, is fuelling the spread of HIV in fishing communities. The lack of free condoms means some fishermen do without them, while … more
June 5, 2015 0 Comments

AIDS levy raises millions to fund Zimbabwe’s HIV response

A senior Zimbabwean health official has revealed how money collected through the country’s AIDS levy is funding the national response to HIV. more
June 2, 2015 0 Comments

New African center to tackle infectious diseases

Spurred on by the recent Ebola outbreak, an African Center for Disease Control and Prevention is being established this year to effectively respond to major epidemics. more
May 19, 2015 0 Comments

Zimbabwe’s female condom success story takes new form

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health is currently gathering evidence on acceptance of a new Cupid Female Condom before rolling it out. more
April 9, 2015 2 Comments