Women Deliver honors journalists speaking out for women and girls

Key Correspondent Lucy Maroncha is one of 15 journalists currently being honored for their reporting on sexual health and rights.

Global advocacy organisation Women Deliver is currently honoring fifteen journalists reporting on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Among them, is Key Correspondent Lucy Maroncha.

“Please God shut my mouth until I know what I talk about.” This is the first thing I was taught by Lucy, who comes from Kenya. The ‘prayer’ as she refers to it does not aim to silence people but to invite anyone to know more about the topic he/she is going to address. And as an experienced journalist, Lucy consistently applies this principle, especially when it comes to writing on health issues.

Lucy is a health journalist based in Kenya and uses her skills and experience to raise awareness about HIV issues, including sexual and reproductive health, positive dignity and prevention through her stories. She is passionate about writing to help end gender-based violence, particularly against women and young people living with HIV.

Using the mighty pen

I like to think of her like the cartoon hero Zorro who uses his sword to bring justice, but instead of a sword, Lucy uses her pen. From her reporting she helps break the silence and tell untold stories of threats, challenges and successes in women and girls’ health and rights. As she says: “My stories usually target policy makers, young people and most at risk populations. Through my stories, I alert policy makers to take action where needs be.”

Women Deliver selected Lucy out of more than 100 nominated journalists, to be honored as one of fifteen journalists from Africa, Asia and America who are championing the health and rights of women through their writing. They also opened an online voting contest to allow people to vote for the journalist who inspires them most.

But they are more than journalists; they are also advocates who through the impact of their stories help make change happen. Women Deliver CEO Katja Iversen says: “Our honorees aren’t just reporting from behind a desk – they are on the front lines and their coverage saves lives.” She continues: “Their passion for and dedication to improving girls’ and women’s lives is evident in every article they write and every story they tell.”

Voting contest

Beyond being honored by Women Deliver, Lucy is competing through the online voting contest for a scholarship to attend the 2016 Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Three scholarships will be given to the journalists who receive the most votes, and voting continues until 20 March.

Lucy says: “It is exciting to be nominated. It means my stories are being recognised both locally and internationally.” As an ambitious woman who always wants to go further, Lucy’s objective is to win the scholarship. She says: “Women and girls’ issues will dominate throughout the conference; I am campaigning to attend so I can inform the world about new developments concerning women and girls. I also hope to interact with high-profiled journalists and learn from them.”

Vote for Lucy!

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    Wallace Mawire 3 years

    wish Lucy the best and many votes.

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    Excellent work Nina. We need to network and uplift Lucy by voting. Action speaks volumes and the only way to open Lucy’s mouth is by just Vote for her

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    hazvinei mwanaka 3 years

    we are behind you Lucy the best hey

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    Congratulations to our very own Lucy, for this immense recognition. It’s a tough thing to be elevated to the heights of the best. But is makes us even more agog, for the kind of work you have been recognised. This prize is just a pat on the back to you for doing what you love best. We are so proud of you.