Safe water reducing oppportunistic diseases among people living with HIV

Over 18,000 thousand families in Nyanza region have been provided with clean water.

Access to clean safe drinking water has contributed to a decline in opportunistic diseases among people living with HIV in the Nyanza region, Kenya. This follows the introduction of water purification systems that have seen over 18,000 thousand families being provided with clean water.

According to a study conducted by the Centre for Disease Control people living with HIV who drank clean water had less occurrences of diarrhoea and other opportunistic diseases.

Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Joost Reintjes said that opportunistic infections in people living with HIV has decreased because communities can now utilise an inexpensive programme of providing safe water through treatment, safe storage and behaviour change.

The ambassador was speaking during a ceremony to present the Knight in the Order of Orange to Ms. Alie Eleveld who is Country Director with Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) in Western Kenya. The honour is conferred on persons of Dutch origin who have rendered exceptional service to societies that they work in.

Ms. Eleveld was honoured for the work including her ingenious development of Pampers Baby and Family Care Centres which provide clean drinking water to communities as well as support them to commercially sell other baby, child and maternal life improving products and services. Through a partnership with Procter & Gamble’s Purifier of Water (formerly Pur) over 3.5 million sachets of P&G water purifier have been distributed to communities in Nyanza, amounting to 35,571,180 litres of safe drinking water.

Commending Ms Eleveld, Procter & Gamble’s Sub-Sahara Communications Associate Director, Ms Khululiwe Mabaso, said that her efforts have enabled the company to improve more Kenyan lives.

“We are particularly proud of Ms. Eleveld’s ingenious initiative, the Pampers Baby & Family Care Centre, which has helped us reach more Kenyans by expanding the reach of our products. She has opened a world of possibilities to Kenyan communities through a simple commercial practice that has long term positive impacts while at the same time helping us reach more people’, said Ms Mabaso.

Procter & Gamble and SWAP have been working together in Western Kenya to promote and sell water treatment and other health products as an income generating activity that also benefits the wider community.



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    Thank you Anthony for such a wonderful piece, this is a good developmental project for protecting people Living with HIV with safe clean water.

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    Clarence 5 years

    Thanks for the article Antony, its a good piece which can help other people in other countries to think outside the box.