Meet our team

The KCs are attending a training workshop this week. Here we’ll have fun interviewing and recording each other. Look out for those profiles. Coming to you soon.

Bokang BaneBokang Bane (0)

I am a radio presenter from Lesotho. What I enjoy most about the work as a KC is the chance to capture stories of the LGBT+ community. Getting to hear what other people have gone through; it’s humbling and overwhelming, but at the same time has been a great learning experience and has ultimately opened doors for expansion of collaboration with other people.

Chimwemwe PadathaChimwemwe Padatha (1)

Chimwemwe Padatha is a Malawian journalist who has worked in main stream journalism for about four years and has a passion for marginalized groups, youth participation and leadership. He is currently an employee of Maziko radio station where he is working as a reporter. Chimwemwe is also a correspondent for radio DW, Germany’s international broadcaster. His passion in journalism has enabled him to speak for minority groups through various publications in recognition of the hostility of the environment they are living in which has greatly affected livelihoods of their community.

Denver KistingDenver Kisting (1)

Denver Kisting is a 34-year-old final-year student of the intricacies and fallacies of the law, and hopefully makes such strides, to be a better version of himself.
Born and bred in a minute town 87 km south of the Namibian capital, he breathes, work and has fun in Windhoek. He is committed to offer kindness and compassion to fellow humans, sending as much love as possible.

Kenneth ChimomboKenneth Chimombo (0)

I am Kenneth Chimombo from Malawi. I work as a Project Officer at Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP). I'm a very shy person, am afraid of clouds and love to make clothes when I'm frustrated to calm myself down. This work gives me a good chance to work well with the community I'm working for and also gives me evidence to bring about the change I want to see. This also gives me energy to know that I'm trusted by the community I live in to share their stories to help create change.

Levy NgosaLevy Ngosa (0)

I am a free-spirited, ambitious, energetic person who has a passion for social justice for all human beings. Having worked with oppressed and marginalized groups has taught me to be empathetic, receptive and sensitive to issues. My kind and caring nature always drives me to defend people that cannot defend or speak for themselves. Above all, I am a dedicated professional who is specialized in the field of human right advocacy, HIV and other health related issues and keen to impact positive change on the lives of marginalized persons.

Mamofuta KaleMamofuta Kale (4)

Mamofuta Kale is a Human Rights lawyer who has obtained her masters degree at the Centre for Human Rights in 2012 on International Human Rights and HIV in Africa. She is also the Judges’ Researcher for the Chief Justice in the High Court of Lesotho.

Since 2012, she has been working in the field of human rights with a special focus to key population advocating for their rights. She is now a chairperson in a committee established to fight discrimination, abuse and violence among key population. She is working with several human rights organisations in Lesotho to name but a few; Matrix Lesotho, LENEPWA, WILSA, Care for Basotho, Sesotho Media and Manonyane community based organisation. She also works with Positive Vibes as a Key Correspondent and works with SAfAIDS as a champion in the Justice Sector.

McLean KabweMcLean Kabwe (0)

McLean Kabwe is a Zambian human rights advocate, writer and wellness coach to the young and disempowered sexual minorities.

His work in the HIV and Human rights field spans seven years from 2010. During this time he has been working on issues of access to health services for the most at risk populations. These include the LGBT+, the stigma and discrimination against them and stakeholders engagement.

His work has materialized in the co-formation of an organization called The Lotus Identity with other colleagues and which he sees as a medium through which he can increase his effectiveness to improve the lives of the local LGBT+ community and other equally marginalized groups.

His professional credentials include Public Policy Certificate from Africa University under Open Society Initiatives Southern Africa. TB and HIV Advocacy Certificate of Competence under AIDS Rights Alliance Southern Africa. Real Estate Management degree from The Copperbelt University and other competences in research, data collection and analysis as well as Community and Stakeholders capacity building.

Melusi SimelaneMelusi Simelane (1)

As the Communications Officer of the LGBTI advocacy organization, Rock of Hope, Simelane uses his voice to bring awareness to the conditions under which the LGBT+ community and all minority groups live in Swaziland. In challenging power, his approach is guided by the belief that change cannot be achieved without mutual respect and consultation. His work also expands into HIV/AIDS advocacy; an endeavour he pursues relentlessly in Swaziland and when the opportunity arises, abroad too. He is also a peer counsellor and educator at the University of Swaziland, where he currently studies a B. Com Marketing degree.

Mmabatho MotsamaiMmabatho Motsamai (3)

Boitshepo Mmabatho Motsamai is a believer in African development through leadership, community engagement and the power of pen.

She has previously served as a motivational speaker for class volunteers, an initiative supported by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development of Botswana that provides relief counselling and empowerment for students in public senior secondary schools. She has served three posts within the Student Representative Council of her previous institution, ABM University College, further becoming the first female SRC President.

She is an alumni of the YALI RLC leadership initiative, the APCIEU & UNESCO 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED. Her accolades include being the first female finalist of the Pioneering Anzisha Media in 2016 as well as an alumni of YALA Academy 2017.

Today, She is the founder of The Afrolutionist, a blog that promotes dialogue on African Development in all sectors viewed in over 130 countries across the globe. The blog also runs CSR projects that promote sustainable development goals, centering all projects around SDG 17. She is also the founding member of the United Nations Association of Botswana, and a key correspondent of Positive Vibes KP REACH program.

Nomcebo ThungoNomcebo Thungo (2)

Nomcebo Thungo is a Project Coordinator at the Durban Lesbian & Gay Community and Health Centre’s Branch in Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal. Part of her daily work includes providing sensitization training at health care facilities and raising awareness on: hate crimes, Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression and providing constant support to LGBT+ in form of group seminars, basic counselling, referrals when needed and the organising of safe-space social events in the district. She sits in the both the Local & District AIDS Council.

In her spare time she is a fantasy book & movie fanatic, can be found armed with pen and notebook scribbling a line or more about this, that and nothing in particular. She claims she has found permanent residence behind a camera capturing life around her.

Reuben SilungweReuben Silungwe (1)

Based in Kitwe, Zambia, Reuben has taught and examined in science and mathematics in Zimbabwe’s and Zambia’s educational systems. He is an Alumnus of the Mandela Institute of Development Studies’ Annual African Youth Dialogues ( 2014). He has written articles for several media publications in the sub-Saharan region. Reuben has worked for both public and not-for-profit organisations such as Lubhancho House (Zimbabwe) and FHI360 ( Zambia). His current interests include working with or on key populations issues in Zambia and the region. During his spare time, he enjoys writing for social change and shifts in attitudes to promote and support the human rights of the key populations and other vulnerable groups in his home country; and the region through personal and collective effort. His dreams for the future are seeing a society that promotes and protects diversity and social inclusion of people for a literate, peaceful and just world.

Thuthu MagagulaThuthu Magagula (0)

Thuthu Magagula is an LGBTI+ activist in Swaziland. Thuthu took interest and became a human rights defender after studying law in university and with the realization that marginalized populations were ill-treated and wanted to get involved in enforcing positive change after graduating in 2010. Thuthu joined The Rock of Hope, an LGBTI + organization, which is focused on rights initiatives and advocacy for key populations in 2011. Thuthu works extensively with national and regional stakeholders leading interventions which seek to improve the lives of marginalized people and creating an enabling environment for them in the country.

Tsitsi ChadambukaTsitsi Chadambuka (0)

Tsitsi Chadambuka, preferred name Chihwa, identifies as a transman from Zimbabwe, working as a Filmmaker and Human Rights Activist.

Being an activist and human rights defender made Chihwa realise the importance of documenting LGBT+ violations. Through thought and passion Chihwa realised there was a need for the documentation of the LGBT+ violations and decided to put their filmmaking skills into practice. Chihwa now films and documents on LGBT+ struggles and successes and has documented a number of LGBT+ issues in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.