‘Kenyans still biased towards marginalized groups’, finds report


It may not be possible for Kenyans living with HIV and those who are gay to seek elective office after all, according to findings of a recent report.

A new report indicates that Kenyans would not trust this group of citizens to represent them in parliament come the next general election.

While this group of people is protected by the Bill of Rights, as enshrined in the new Constitution, all indications are that the next polls will widely be influenced by cultural norms.

Authors of the report, which was released by the International Fellowship Programme (IFP) this week, say alternative views are captured in the document but they are not likely to hold sway.

“This is an indications that Kenyans are still biased towards marginalized groups,” said Esther Ng’ang’a, an HIV specialist.

The report, Empowering communities in the implementation of the new constitution, was prepared by a group of Kenyans who have benefited from study grants by the Ford Foundation.

It sampled 16 counties in the country to try and find out the level of understanding of the new constitution.

“The project focus is to promote the realization of human rights of marginalized groups in the new constitutional dispensation,” said Dr. Agnes Zani, one of the authors of the report.