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HIV and the post 2015 development agenda

Other diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer greatly affect the lives of many, particularly those living with HIV or AIDS.

HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights

Many HIV infections are sexually transmitted or associated with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

HIV and human rights

Key Correspondents reveal what life is like for people facing stigma, discrimination and violence due to their sexuality, gender, health status or social standing.

HIV prevention and treatment

Globally, an estimated 34 million people live with HIV. For every three people who get treatment five more get infected.

HIV, children and young people

Children and young people are the key to building strong and healthy communities but many are affected by HIV.

HIV and wider development issues

Livelihoods, food security, poverty and conflict all affect how communities are able to respond to HIV.

HIV and the key players

Documenting how the HIV response is playing at a global level is crucial to understanding the issues facing people’s everyday lives and for holding decision makers to account.

HIV and care

People living with HIV are now more likely to live longer and healthier lives. The impact this has on individuals, families and communities are important stories to tell.