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As part of this programme, Key Correspondents are being trained to report the stories that matter most to young people when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. In many instances, the correspondents are young people themselves and are being empowered through Link Up to advocate on sexual and reproductive health issues to influence within their own community and at national and international levels.

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My story: standing strong with HIV

My name is Sungano Bondayi, I was born in 1989 in Zimbabwe, and I was born with HIV. This is a digitial media story I made about my life. more
June 10, 2015 0 Comments

Bangladesh: Photo Voice helps young people tell their stories

Listening to the voices of young people is one of the major themes of the post-2015 development agenda, but does this include a diversity of voices? more
May 18, 2015 0 Comments

Video: campaign for medical outreach to school for the deaf

In Imo State, Nigeria, a local organisation is campaigning for funds to bring a free medical mission to a school for the deaf, to provide eye screenings as well as sexual health information. more
May 15, 2015 1 Comments

The cost of living: young Burundians pay for friend’s surgery

As an orphan living with HIV Alberic had no one to help him with his emergency hospital fees, but then his friends stepped in. more
May 12, 2015 1 Comments

Blame game doesn’t help address sexual vulnerability of girls

Kanze was raped when she was 13, leaving her pregnant and infected with HIV. To end adolescent AIDS governments and civil society groups must work together to address the sexual vulnerability of young people. more
March 30, 2015 0 Comments

Born with HIV, grappling with adolescence

Due to the success of antiretroviral programmes in Malawi, many more children born with HIV are not only reaching, but also thriving in adolescence. more
March 2, 2015 0 Comments

Nalia’s story: adolescents who sell sex in Ethiopia

When Nalia left her village for Addis Ababa, she expected to find a job and send money home to her family. Aged just 13, her choices were limited and she started selling sex. more
February 23, 2015 1 Comments

How the HIV response is failing teens across Southern Africa

Adolescents across Southern Africa face barriers to HIV prevention and treatment, contributing to increasing AIDS-related deaths in this age group. more
February 22, 2015 0 Comments