Author: McLean Kabwe

McLean Kabwe is a Zambian human rights advocate, writer and wellness coach to the young and disempowered sexual minorities. His work in the HIV and Human rights field spans seven years from 2010. During this time he has been working on issues of access to health services for the most at risk populations. These include the LGBT+, the stigma and discrimination against them and stakeholders engagement. His work has materialized in the co-formation of an organization called The Lotus Identity with other colleagues and which he sees as a medium through which he can increase his effectiveness to improve the lives of the local LGBT+ community and other equally marginalized groups. His professional credentials include Public Policy Certificate from Africa University under Open Society Initiatives Southern Africa. TB and HIV Advocacy Certificate of Competence under AIDS Rights Alliance Southern Africa. Real Estate Management degree from The Copperbelt University and other competences in research, data collection and analysis as well as Community and Stakeholders capacity building.

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