EU unveils €13 million in support of Zimbabwe’s Health Transition Fund

The European Union has unveiled a €13 million (US$18 million) towards the revitalisation of Zimbabwe’s health sector through the Health Transition Fund (HTF).

The HTF is a multi-donor pooled fund worth US$436 million that is supporting the Zimbabwe government in the implementation of the key objectives and strategies as outlined in the Zimbabwe National Health Strategy (2009-2013).

The HTF was launched in 2011 and is led by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

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One response to “EU unveils €13 million in support of Zimbabwe’s Health Transition Fund”

  1. garikai chiturumani says:

    a relief for the helpless though much has to be explained concerning possible obvious embezzlement of funds at the expense of the sick…lets work together towards a better zimbabwe

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