A new era for the Key Correspondents Programme

March 4, 2013 7 Comments

An independent review of the Key Correspondents Programme took place last year that made a number of recommendations which we have been working to address with the help of a core group of Key Correspondents.

A KC survey carried out as part of this review revealed widespread support for an agreement outlining the roles and responsibilities of both Key Correspondents and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, a defined editorial policy, and a more formal membership process that is reviewed on an annual basis and includes the use of ID cards.

To bring in these changes we are asking all existing KCs who would like to continue being part of the programme to apply using the new criteria. Places are limited and in order to be considered you will need to submit a written expression of interest.

Click on this link for details of how to apply or email kcteam@aidsalliance.org for a Word version.

The deadline for applying is Monday, April 1 2013 23.59 GMT. All applicants will be notified during the week of April 8. If unsuccessful in the first instance there will be a further opportunity to apply in September 2013.

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The Key Correspondents team is an independent network of citizen journalists supported by staff at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.


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7 responses to “A new era for the Key Correspondents Programme”

  1. Kintu Ivan says:

    Thanks for this i hope this streamlining will improve the KC work, i took part in the survey and was wondering what happened??!

  2. Nzinjah John Baptist B. says:

    The new era program is okay if its not going to leave out many of us.

  3. Sarah Nakimbowa (Sharifah) says:

    Thanks for this initiative, i think we shall be helped, but we still have challenges, as KCs, we are not helped here in Uganda. No laptops, no desktops, no cameras, no recorders.

    Please help us to improve KC work in Uganda because we are committed but we need someone to improve things.

  4. Geoffrey Araali says:

    Thanks Sarah, for rising that if we are supported with such equipments we shall deliver beyond expectations

  5. Angelina says:

    I liked being able to submit articles as and when I could. I don’t want to feel that I must submit articles.This new arrangement demands a lot of commitment. I am afraid to over promise and under deliver. I will cool off. A change of heart may come by September 2013. Thank you for the opportunity to be heard on this news-wire in the past.

  6. Nakaweesa Diana says:

    I think this initiative is very good and we should welcome it. Indeed KC has risen.

  7. Koteng Omondi says:

    I think that you are trying to improve the quality of KCs reporting “vizuri sana” although KCs do undergo challenges, we hope poverty does not rule out some African KCs.

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