Zimbabwe’s UNCG Secretariat launches MDGs discussion forum

The United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) in Zimbabwe has launched the first of its kind MDGs discussion forum entitled This Wednesday @ UNIC being held under the banner of the UN country team (UNCT) in Zimbabwe.

According to Tafadzwa Mwale of the UNCG Secretariat the main objective of the forum is to facilitate a consistent public debate among members of the UNCT and other development partners on topics related to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Zimbabwe.

“We in the UN believe this discussion will contribute to increasing awareness and foster public debate among the general public, media and other audiences on the MDGs and the role of the UN and other development partners to achieve these goals,” Mwale said

The UN in Zimbabwe works in support of national development priorities in collaboration with other national and international development partners.

In 2011, the UN in Zimbabwe delivered over $300 million in grants, contributing to the achievement of national development results in the areas ranging from HIV and AIDS, promoting good governance, pro-poor economic growth, gender equality and women empowerment to disaster response and mitigation.


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