People in Livingstone, Zambia to use beer packs as toilets due to lack of facilities

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Residents in Livingstone are being forced to use empty beer containers and plastic bags to answer the call of nature due to a lack of toilets.

Speaking as he toured Livingstone’s Maramba compound on Monday April 16, southern province minister Obvious Mwaliteta took to task a Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWACO) maintenance engineer Derrick Phiri over what he termed the “inhuman way of living” being experienced by residents living in the city’s R and MS sections.

“People are using Shake Shake beer packs and plastic bags to carry their own waste, this inhuman, SWACO is in water and sanitation business and you are supposed to provide a sewer line and agree with the resident on how best you can recoup your money on a long term,” Mwaliteta said.

He said Zambians have suffered for a long time and the PF government wants to see change.

“You have tortured these people for a long time, as PF government we shall make sure that they live in a good way than they used to live before. We need to change their lives. Go back to your management and find ways of sorting this problem,” he added.

Margaret Chilipula of R62 and Ester Mwansabamba of R16 told Mwaliteta that only twelve houses had toilets in R sections

“We buy plastics for 3, 000 Zambian Kwacha [about 80 US cents] for use as toilets at night and dispose them in the mornings,” said Chilipula.

“The only communal toilets we had were sold off by the council and are now business premises,” added Mwansabamba.

Mwaliteta was accompanied on his visit by Livingstone district commissioner Paul Sensele and the Patriotic Front’s provincial political secretary Brian Hapunda. He has since directed that the water and sanitation company to lay a sewer line and has told them to visit his office if they need government assistance.

R sections is next to Maramba clinic, one of Livingstone’s biggest urban health centre, which has a maternity wing, HIV centre and separate male female wards.


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